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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sorrento and Sant' Agata Sui Due Golfi

We were going to go round Scotland in a camper van, but persistent rain and flooded campsites made us reconsider. Hoping for the South of France, we went to the travel agent and asked what deals they had. Two weeks in Sorrento for £500 each, she replied - half board.

So the first thing we had to work out is where Sorrento was, which turned out to be a nice surprise, as it's in the Bay of Naples overlooking Vesuvius and the Amalfi coast.

Our hotel (Due Golfi, which means Two Gulfs) was high in the hills overlooking Sorrento and gave a fantastic view out of the bedroom window.

On the first day we just pottered around the local village of Sant' Agata, enjoying ice-creams and more fantastic views.

The town itself is very small, friendly and Italian, with scooters and tiny cars everywhere.

It was nerve-wracking to walk to Sant' Agata, because there's only a road and no pavement for a good ten minute walk - and Italian drivers seemed to enjoy pointing their cars at us before noticing us at the last minute. But, perhaps because of the Italian-ness of the experience, it added rather than subtracted from our holiday mood.



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